Internship Application for IT specialist.

Trickster Tanzania                                                                                         immediate Release: June 12th 2018
P.O. box 42983
Tel; +255-765954838

Internship Application for IT specialist.

On website design, programming and writing.

TRICKSTER Tanzania works as an advertising agency on business based institutions, we collaborate with a lot of national and international business, building a bridge to every successful business whether small or big.

We design graphics, web development, social media marketing, local promotion, event management, office branding, campaign activities for promotion, website designs, video shoots and photograph shoots.

Trickster Tanzania is a success due to effectiveness in our services and the urge to work hard and meet our dreams by accomplishing every partner we work with on reaching their goals and maintaining their positions

As we are looking for an inter to work with us on specific fields of

  • Website design
  • Programming
  • Writing

This internship program will give you the ability to experience a professional environment and knowledge that will benefit you as an individual during the internship and after. Our rules and regulations will be provided once an individual has shown interest on working with us. One’s details should be sent to our email as mentioned above with attachments of on his or her curriculum vitae.

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